Book Launch at the San Francisco Ferry Building, Book Passage: March 10, 2018


Seeing this image of me in front of a wall of books makes me quite happy. I keep saying it was the happiest day of my life. The room was filled with people who represent the whole spectrum of my life's work, from graduate schools friends, current workshop participants, recent USF students, siblings, old friends and chosen family, writers whom I've known for over a decade, even local musicians and fine artists whose work has consistently inspired me.

I also began what will surely become a tradition: serving sweets made from the recipes in my cookbook. And I couldn't have asked for a warmer reception from the bookstore staff. The fog even lifted and the sun came out. The universe was smiling down on me.

If you missed this one, not to worry. I have more readings planned in the Bay Area, and am working on one on the Peninsula in the summer. For a schedule of upcoming readings, see the Reading Schedule link in the menu bar above. And be sure to scroll down this page to view past blog posts.